Thursday, 24 November 2016

Digipak Analysis e.g.1


The front name of the digipak has a bands name and the album name. The font is white and the background black. It has a very simplistic design. 
The studio setting of the photo and the neon sign style of the title has  connotations of the urban city, and of the artistic influence. The album name is placed in the centre and in bold.
This band is an indie genre and the albums follows its convention

The CD is the same font as the titles of the album. It is all black, the name is covered with a plastic cover making it shiny and visible through a mat background. The CD is very simplistic and does not follow the typical conventions of the CD covers as they tend to have lots of colours, lot of writing and sometimes includes photos. 

This is a back of the digipak. At the back we can see the list of songs, barcode, logos and records company. All there factors are very useful to the audience as it allows them easy access which makes it more attractive them. We can see how they have tried to relate the back and the front thought the neon light. Digipaks usually have the back and the front related to attract the audience and this is an example. 

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