Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Performer: Costume/wig change

This is a music video by Avril Lavigne released in 2007. In this video Avril Lavigne is playing three characters. Herself who is performing with her original blond hair, protagonist with black hair who plays an emo girl who likes antagonists boyfriend and antagonist with red hair.In this video she uses mise-en-scene to manipulate the characters and to show them in different life styles. For the performance scene she is wearing a short skirt with a white shirt. Her hair is long with pink hi-lights which used to be her signature at that time.To show to audience the antagonist girlfriend. Avril Lavigne put a ginger wig, pink cardigan and a tartan skirt wit black reading glasses. This is not the stereotypical look to which popular girls are portrait in.

This is Avril Lavigne dressed as an emo punk girl. She is the protagonist in this story. Although the story is meant to show her as an antagonist, the way that this character represents herself makes the audience support her.

This is a music video by Taylor Swift. This video is narrative based and in this video, there are two characters who are both played by Taylor Swift. One is playing protagonist and the other one is antagonist. They both fight over male. This music video is more conventional than Avril Lavignes as it has antagonist playing the villain and protagonist playing the nice and sweet girl. I have done a further analysis on this music video. (Click here to see)

This is Katy Perrys music video where she sweating a wig to show different timing an characters as well as emotion. She alternates between pastel blue, neon blue and black.

This is another example by the same artist. This music video is a mix between narrative and concept. The first scene is a behind the scenes video where Katy is lip-syncing for her previous music video California Gurls. The crew cheers for the cut and Katy leaves to her chasing room. Thats when she takes other pink wig from the California Gurls and looks at the mirror. The camera then pans to the left and the next scene is Katy singing in a dark purple wig dressed in black. This represents her emotions and the world inside her. The video shows how Katy fights herself, her darkness and continues her journey. The video cuts from her imagination bak to her room with her dark long hair. Where she then goes on stage and performs. This concept is quite similar to my music video as I am trying to portray the darkness inside my artist through her hair. When she had long and dark hair I tried to signify the demon inside her, as connotations of black is darkness and emptiness. Therefore I alternated my characters hair between along which was Halseys signature colour and black.

In conclusion, I found that most of the music videos where the performer or the protagonist goes through costume and hair colour change. These music videos tend to be narrative based. All the music videos above expect Jessie J are narrative based, which follow Todorov's narrative theory.

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