Sunday, 4 December 2016

Artist digipak

The front cover is simple and bold, and really stands out against the background image. In this digipak we can see how the artist is centrally placed. This is the artists debut album therefore, this digipak indicates the importance of branding and iconography to the artist's image and career.

The parental advisory sticker on this digipak is not prominent. This could mean that the artist doesn't want there to a be a focus on the fact that it contains explicit content, and is not trying to advertise the album in this way. However, having this label on the cover gives a particular impression of the artist to the public of somebody who is not conforming to the typical expectations of a young, up and coming female pop artist, and is not afraid of telling the world her perspectives.

The cover has the worn look of an old photograph, giving it a more personal feel. The presence of pink tones and clothing in the photo gives a distinct feminine feel to the cover, which arguably contrasts with the presence of the parental advisory sticker.

The inside of this digipak shows that the colour scheme is consistent throughout. The font used here is simple and bold, and similar to, if not the same as the one on the front cover of the CD. The image on the right has clearly been taken from the same photoshoot as the front cover, which demonstrates continuity throughout this digipak. On the left side, there is along list of thank yous, yet no information about where record was recorded.

The font used on the dist of this digipak are the same as the ones used on the front and back cover, which shows consistency. Legal information from the back cover is also listed here in very fine print.
The colour of the disk matches the overall colour scheme of the digipak, and is plain and simplistic as there is a photo behind where the CD would be placed inside the case. Pink is typically feminine colour, so by using it the artist has conformed. However, subtly to a gender stereotype.

The font used are the same  as those used throughout the digipak, and the image at the top has been continued from the front cover.
These two aspects of this back cover have been included to show consistency and to make the digipak feel more like a whole piece rather than 5 separate elements.
Legal information is written in an extremely small font and at the bottom of the cover there is information about the label but no recording information.

There is also a small record label logo at the bottom which has most likely been included to easily promote the label.

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