Monday, 29 August 2016

Music Video Analysis 4

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive 

Genre: Alternative Rock

Relationship Between Visuals + Lyrics

In this music video there wasn't a direct connection, since this is a concept video. Dan Reynolds the main vocalist of the band was shows first as a prisoner later in the video we get to know that the band is in there as well. At the beginning we get a girl who at the end saves the band from prison.

Genre Characteristics

  • Various camera shots were used during the video, especially on the band members. 
  • Close-ups of the band.
  • Long shots of the entire band
  • Establishing shots of the scene for example the field where the girl heart appeared. 
  • Wearing baggy t-shirts and jeans. Messy hair, the general look is laid-back casual and carefree style.
  • In terms of lighting it is natural to low-key lighting. Then band was found in a dark prison with dark blue lighting. 
Performance, Narrative and/or concept

This music video is Narrative at the same time it is concept as it features the storyline of a girl doing into a place where the battles are made using teddies, there the audience find out that the band is trapped there as prisoners. The girl then wins the battle and rescues the band. 

It is also a concept based video as it features an unusual and obscure concept which is even surreal for the audience. 

Star Treatment

Dan Reynolds was featured in the video compered to the other band members. The star treatment was achieved using certain camera shots and edits. He is always in the middle with medium shots or close-ups as well as we can see him for about 2 to 5 seconds in every shot which makes him stand out from the other band members. 

  • The girl was portrayed little, weak and no one took her serious. 
  • The men who were featured on a battle arena as audience were massive, wealthy and criminal looking which gave the illusion of the girl being weak.
  • However, the girl later at the end of the video was shown as powerful  and smart.

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