Sunday, 25 September 2016

Genre Specific Music Video 1

Pokerface by Lady Gaga

Genre: Electropop
Artist: Lady Gaga
Year: 2009

Genre Characteristics:
There are a lot of bright colours used especially a lot of colour blue. The video has no narrative therefore it follows the conventions of electropop genre and is fully concept based. 

Performance, Narrative and/or Concept:

This music video is concept based with a bit of  performance. We can see Lady Gaga lip syncing the music and dancing. The scenes which have been used in the video are very unusual and the style is very different compared to other artists. 

Star Treatment 

The video starts with Lady Gaga getting out of a pool with two dogs around her. The camera focuses on her throughout the video and the camera angles which are used around her are mostly midi close up of her in the center. Even when she is surrounded by people she is the one who is always i the middle. 


There were variety of locations featured in this video. Starting from the pool ending with a house party where she is playing poker. 
The costumes are very tight on the body and very sexual. This was made to appeal male audience. Lady Gaga is knows for unusual revealing clothing and this became her brand signature. The female actors also wearing tight short clothing. 
The lighting is dull and dark in some parts. When Lady Gaga was performing the lights were warm toned. 

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