Monday, 26 September 2016

Genre Specific Music Video 2

Tik Tok by Kesha 

Genre: Electro-Pop
Artist: Kesha
Year: 2009

Genre Characteristics:

Electro music is very much based around the beat of the music and is often fast paced. Tim Tok is very energising and fast paced music with a lot of different angles and shots. 
Conventions of electro music videos often contain bright and very colourful lighting shots. An example of that in this music video is when she leaves her house and gets into someones car. The lighting changes from yellow to red and many other colour were added later on the post production. 

Dancing and live performance are another common shots seen too. This music video showed a lot of lip syncing shots and live performance parties. 

Performance, Narrative or/and Concept?

This music video involves narrative and concept bases. We get a narrative that her family is not happy of her partying everyday and she just can't stop. We also get to see lots of not needed shots. We see her lip syncing, dancing, riding a golden bike and many more things which would be odd if any one else would do it. 

Star Treatment:

We got to see a lot of star treatment in this video. The scene started with her in the bathtub, her leaving the house with a medium close up and long shot. In every scene she is closed up or or medium shot with a camera focused on her and her being in the center. 

Also when she goes to a party the camera focuses only on her. We only get to see her among a bunch of other people. She has also been held up in the party. 


  • Locations: Bathroom at her house, dining room, garden, streets, car, house party
  • Costumes: She was wearing black shorts, colourful shirt and black boots. Her hair was messy which signified her recklessness towards parties. Her make up was strong and smudged this was done to show the audience her obsession of parties and that its all her needs. 
  • Lighting: It was bright and colourful with lots of external lights used.
Representation and Audience 

This music video was targeted towards teenagers and young adults. 
During that year, a lot of parodies were made on this particular music video. So many that some people started recognise the parody songs instead of the original. 
This is a parody music video made by "Key of Awesome". Their YouTube channel specialises in parody making and Tik Tok was one of their music video hits. It got 147 million views and the original music video got 318 million views. 

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