Wednesday, 25 January 2017


In this presentation I will be discussing the structure of a digipak, what is included in it and who is it targeted towards.

Codes and Conventions of a Digipak.

One os the things which feature in every digipak, jewel case is a barcode. 
This is placed so the retailer would be able to record the product in the shop, it also alarms the retailer when to restock. 

Barcode is not an optional, it is included in every digipak which has been ever featured. 
However, now digipaks started to include a QR code which is similar to barcode but it is more damage resistant. Not all the digipaks include this but it became a more common feature now rather than then. 
This QR code may include a product identity. QR codes are usually played at the back of the case and it allows the product to be recognised. Why more digipaks started to use a QR code is because the product can still be recognised even if the code is damaged.

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