Tuesday, 14 February 2017


"Big Four" conglomerates  controlled about 88% of the market.

"Big Three" music labels are:

  • Universal Music Group - 29.85%
Subsidiaries: Interscope Records, Republic Records, Island Records
  • Sony Music Entertainment - 29.29%
Subsidiaries: RCA Records, Columbia Records, Epic Records, Syco
  • Warner Music Group - 19.13%
Subsidiaries: Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records,  Parlophone
  • Independent Labels - 12.11%
This image was sourced from Wikipedia page.

Consolidation when you go from several to a fewer competitors. Which is what happened to Universal Group where they have consolidated their market share. 

HPO has no advertisement. Therefore their shows are considered as moral and violent. Therefore the advertised Tv channels would not be airing such as shows.Their brand is safe, family friendly and considerate. 

Madonna did a video called "Like a prayer". She had a multi million sponsorship with Coca Cola. There is a statue of Jesus. Controversiality that Jesus was "black". Controversial for american audience. She lost millions of pounds as Coca Cola dumped Madonna because they did not want to be associated with Madonnas brand.

Parent companies are very common to do just dump one of their subsidiaries if they do not follow the parent companies image and reputation.
PMRC Parents Music Resource Centre formed in 1985 stated the goal of increasing parental control over the access of children to music demo have violent, drug related or sexual themed.via labeling album Parental Advisory stickers from now day comes from campaign from1980.  Freedom of speech- Ice-T. 
Sex Pistols were working place released in the week of Jubilee celebration where they waved two fingers towards the politicians and the queen with God Save the Queen in 1977. The song is called EMI which is a name of a very conservative record company with a 13.4% of a market share. Why God Save the Queen was banned is an example of an upsetting element was that they were working class people who dared to speak up. There are fewer and fewer actors in UK with the working class background with Private schools and specialised degrees. Filtering remove critical movements. 2 live crew banned in USA.

Beggars Group:

Is the biggest indie group in the world. Owns and distributes several other labels, including 4AD, Rough Trade Records, Matador Records and XL Records. Beggars was found in 1977 in UK. 

Disruption is caused because of digitalisations. This was a big change to the industry. Spotify is a current major disruption in music industry. The Sales of the digital music is falling down and people argue that  digital music may just disappear of the music sales. The element of disruption which suggests that Big Three would not sustain. With digital online distribution costs are much lower. Which sounds great and many people just go with that. Since Chris Anderson came up with his theory that digitalisation is great and everyone is able to compete with each other. 

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