Friday, 17 February 2017

Lyric Video

Why Lyric Videos?

Before lyric videos people had to go on a websites which provided them with lyrics but in fact not all of them had the right ones. It was always hard for the fans to sing along with their favourite band. But now we are able to enjoy the song while reading the lyrics.

YouTube is a large producer of lyric videos. However, this is not a new concept it George Michael and Price both were familiar with this concept in 1980 and early 1990s. This concept now is carried on to the fans and inspires them to create their own for their favourite artist.

Katy Perry has done a lot of lyric videos, but as you may see in this video she uses a quite unusual way of presenting the lyrics. She has a small dollhouse and lyrics written bellow, in pink font and it was a small animated hamster jumping from one lyric to another to keep a track of the works.

This is a great use of marketing as it allows the artists share something with their fans and get them involved. Bellow I have created a lyric video, for this video I have asked fans to send me their photos with the lyrics. Each fan took it differently. Some took a photo of themselves and added lyrics later on, some held up paper with the lyrics in front of them. I have tweeted and posted on Facebook and Tweeter asking my fans send the lyrics.

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