Sunday, 16 October 2016

MV Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

This is a Dance/Pop genre music video which is directed by Francis Lawrence who worked along side many artists, creating music videos for them, but is best known for directing three of the four Hunger Games films. Bad Romance is a song by Lady Gaga an American singer who released this song as an ad showcase in October 2009, at Alexander McQueen's show at Paris fashion week. 

Male Gaze

Laura Mulvey came up with the theory of the Male Gaze. She looked at objectification. Where the body is getting broken down into different parts. Laura is a feminist and she is concerned of the pro dominance of the males. 
Lady Gaga is a post-feminist who would disagree with this theory, as she believes that her clothing choices and behaviour gives women sense of freedom. The costumes on the video are revealing which would arguably be to attract male audience. The males in the video are watching Lady Gaga and the rest of the female cast which leader to accentuation of this point and arguable aspects of the male gaze. 


As a long standing and traditional arguments to call out. Gaga would be found as empowering artist. She believes that all women are ownerships of their own bodies. Gaga claims that she is not a feminist and opens up the image of empowered and liberated women to her fans


In this music video we were abled to see things which have become normal for people to see. Stereotypes which have been there in media for a long time. We were abled to see thing exaggerated over and over so it became a normative for us. In this case it is Vodka being a stereotype of Russians. Women dancing for men can be arguable as an objectification, For the representation of the audience we can assume that it was strip club set up. This could also be read as Lady Gaga critiquing men. 


There were a lot of product placement in this video such as Nemiroff Vodka. Beats headphones, beats logo on the laptops. 
Intertextuality of Katy Perry's music video "California Girls" where Katy is wearing a cream shooting bra. We can see at the end Gaga with a bra shooting fire. 

Stuart Hall Reception Theory
The theory is an active audience theory which sees the audience as being actively engaged in the interpretation of media texts, rather than passive consumers. The idea is that individuals interpret texts in different ways. It demonstrates that even though one message is sent out, that not one understanding received. 
In this music video we can see Lady Gaga wearing revealing costumes but individuals will interpret this look in different ways. Some people would view her being pretty, but others would view her as being attention seeking. 

Andrew Goodwins Theory
Music Videos ignore common narrative as they are essentially advertisements. As consumers, we make up our own meaning of a song in our minds: a music video can anchor meaning and gives the record company/artist a method of anchoring meaning.
Here we can see Lady Gaga's dance routine with elements of dancing from Michael Jackson's Thriller Music Video. 

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