Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Practice video (We Don't Talk Anymore)

We Don't Talk Anymore

In this project I got to work with Bronwen, Riona and Sophie. For this music video we have decided to have We don't talk anymore by Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez.

Key notes I have picked up on this project.

It is hard to get all four members and actors in one place at the same time.
If it doesn't work just leave it and continue on the other things.
Schedule and sticking to it. You have to be proactive.
The artists should be given time to learn their roles.
Costumes and make ups should be thought when making production schedule.
Shake Camera and discontinuity of actions, it would be better to use two cameras instead of one. 
Be careful with the head and avoid cutting of the head in the frame.
Have several locations to give the multiple options in editing.
When lip syncing it is crucial to sing while lip syncing otherwise the lip sync would look fake.

Pre filming in any location is crucial to give an idea to people. 
Props and costumes have to be thought ahead and needs some time before shooting, testing is also essential.

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